Public Speaking

Hypnotherapy can be used in all aspects of life. Many people have, unconsciously, certain patterns of thinking, behavior and emotional responses are not helpful.

Being focused on uncertainty, worry, lack of confidence, not realizing that can make things better. These situations limit personal growth and can have a decisive impact on life experience, results, and business relationships on personal relationships.

Simply put, if you know more about yourself, about your strengths and what you can achieve or achieved in previous lives, helps you get where you want and you can begin to make changes and get more from your current life. serenity

For example, it is a correlation between the anxiety of public speaking and the attention on us and our fears. If we focus on our fears, we make mistakes and we stumble in speech. It is very important that we focus on the content of our words and the audience, and on our belief that what we have to say is useful and interesting to the audience. Therefore, self confidence can not deprive a successful speech, but the absence of confidence can.

The public speaking fear can be triggered by a failed presentation that happened sometime in our lives. It is enough to have passed through a public speaking traumatic event, and that will trigger each time the same reaction when we have to speak in public. For example, if in childhood we had a traumatic event such as having to speak in front of our class, and their reaction was to ridicule or laugh about what we expressed, the fear of ridicule is reactivated and causes a blockage each time we have to speak in public. This is an example of how the unpleasant effects of public speaking get activated.

Hypnotherapy is very useful tool for removing the fear by going back to the first event that triggered that fear. You remove the fear by understanding what happened, and allowing yourself to move on to a successful you and public speaking fear free.

Isis  MSc, CRT, CHt           

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