Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a complex hypnotherapy technique valuable in its insights and benefits.

Through PLR you can find out why you are here and what is your purpose in the current life. Having a PLR removes your fear of death. Also, you can learn a lot about yourself, your talents, your traumas from previous lives that influence your body in this life, the connection with the people in your current life, and much more.   Light

Regression is goal-oriented such as finding the source of a phobia, fear, or relationship. Through regression you can discover what hinders you current life, and exploration can be useful in the process of personal development.

Seeing through the veil, it will help you understand your current life and adjust it accordingly to meet your purpose.

“After all that you have been through throughout your long journey that has taken you through so much hardship and struggle, to look towards the days ahead with doubt and worry or fear that you will not be able to rise up to their challenges would fall in the face of reason. There is nothing that awaits you that amounts to anything more than you have already faced so many times before and have lived on to face yet another challenge stronger, wiser and more determined than ever before due to the powers that each successive challenge possessed. Up ahead there are yet more challenges for you, but look beyond them and you will see a stronger you, a wiser you, a more determined and confident you, for that is the prize that awaits you, and that is the reason why today you walk head on into these challenges.” – GFL


How to Psychically Protect Yourself Against Negative Energy

Isis  MSc, CRT, CHt           

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