14 Signs of a Twin Flame

Very good insights here about twin flames 🙂 and more interesting articles


Image1.) Instant Bond

If you have met your Twin Soul, the bond is immediate.This meeting is often marked by the feeling of finding the one you’ve been looking for, before a word has been exchanged. You instantly find yourself comfortable with this person, as if you already know them.

2.) Telepathy

You are naturally telepathic with each other. You can hear each other think sometimes, especially when the thought is about you or addressed to you. You may also decide to call or text each other at the exact same time or without thinking reply to a question that was never spoken.

3.) Eye Contact

The eye contact with your Twin Soul is either extremely comfortable or extremely difficult. If it’s just the two of you, it can last forever, but if there are people around who can’t find out how you’re feeling for each other, you will rather turn…

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