Another BIG Transition

Another BIG Transition.

I think this article explains why some of the past lives experiences/troubles 🙂 are coming up lately. They need to be cleared and dealt with once for ever.

These days, sometimes, we do not know what’s happening to us (especially if you are not aware about what’s going on with all of us these days – global Ascension yes, it is happening now 🙂 . We are all ascending, and we all have to clear what’s left of our past lives karma/trauma, and sometime it’s not pleasant to have to finally deal with …

In the last few sessions, I had people coming in asking why all these past lives are coming up now – it looked they did not want to deal just now with them (maybe later, or never 🙂 and almost saying – “have them go away”. But the ascension process “forces” you to face the truth. To deal with NOW, forgive yourself and the other who were involved, and move on – with the Ascension 🙂   It’s for you own good – the Golden Age starts. Do you want to be a part of or not? Your HigherSelf wants you to be a part of the Golden Age life/era, and this is why is bringing to your attention  all the “stuff” that is left in the bucket 🙂 to deal with before your full ascension.

“These last moments of your illusory life experience are very intense because issues that have perhaps lain dormant for years, even for lifetimes, are coming up for you to address and release.  That does not mean engaging with them, analyzing them, or judging yourselves for them.  It just means accepting the discomfort, the strange, uncomfortable feelings, observing them, and allowing them to flow, through and away.  Crying is good!  And totally acceptable.  It releases the stress and tension in your bodies, even screaming or thumping a pillow if you can find a space where you can do it undisturbed and without embarrassment.  The process is rather like the way you watch a movie, or read a story: you focus your attention on it while it lasts; you feel the emotions that the actors are demonstrating; and when it finishes you let it go — although memories of it may come to mind for a day or so afterwards.  But. . . you are not in any way attached to it.  Likewise the stuff coming up will pass, unless you try to bury it or obsess about it.”

Jesus through John


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